What’s New At TMF

TMF Electroless Nickel Coatings are FDA approved

Our Electroless Nickel coatings have been tested and found to be in compliance with FDA requirements for materials that contact food. US Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) Title 21 ยง175.300. Click the image below to view the certification documents.

New Waste Treatment Facility

Our new waste treatment facility is complete and operational.

TMF Receives Environmental Stewardship Award

TMF recently completed an energy saving project which will reduce annual kWh usage by an estimated 247,463 while removing 151 tons of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. Orion Energy Systems presented the Environmental Stewardship Award to TMF’s VP of Operations, Chris Terrell for this significant achievement. See complete article here.

Greenville Chamber of Commerce

TMF is now a member of the Greenville Chamber of Commerce.

Nadcap Certification

Team Metal Finishing is officially Nadcap Certified. In order to better serve our customers who are now requiring higher levels of certification, TMF has acquired Nadcap Certification.

New X-Ray Machine in Service

TMF has upgraded their Quality Program significantly by replacing their old X-Ray Fluorescence equipment with the latest technology from the Fischer Corporation. This new machine allows us to more accurately measure and report thickness requirements to our customers and provides a valuable process control tool that allows us to determine metal concentrations in our various plating solutions.

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