In Remembrance – David Michael Weaver

In Loving Memory of Our Beloved President
David Michael Weaver

August 15, 2003 was a day that will never be forgotten by us at Team Metal Finishing, Inc. On this day, our President, David Michael Weaver lost his life in a single car crash.We are left with great sorrow and a void that can never be filled.

David was more than a President to us. He was our family, friend, confidant and brother. He was very active in the community and believed that he could make a difference. He was an inspiration to all of us and he will be greatly missed.

“Our family, our company, and our community suffered a severe blow on August 15th 2003 when my son, David Michael Weaver, was killed in a car accident. The response to our grief and the outpouring of sympathy has comforted us, but the pain will remain in our hearts and minds forever. David was an integral part of the founding of our company even when he was a student at Clemson University and was only able to work nights and weekends. In Jan. 2000 I appointed David as President of Team Metal Finishing and turned my attention to other business and personal interests. He was instrumental in directing the company to new heights and accomplishments and was poised to take us to a level undreamed of at our founding in 1988. The company had recently taken some very important steps forward by becoming ISO compliant, and installing a state of the art waste treatment system. David felt that being a leader in technology would ensure the continued success of the company. Although he is not here physically, we all feel that he is leading us in spirit. I have rededicated myself to trying to fill his shoes and achieve the goals he had set. All the employees and friends of TMF have promised me that they will help me fulfill this goal. He was a very special young man. My beloved son. May he rest in peace.” —Dan Weaver, President & CEO